Deceased kangaroo on the side of the road which has fallen victim to a car.
Deceased kangaroo on the side of the road which has fallen victim to a car. Nicholas Falconer

Close call with some roos lately? Coast cop has safety tips

FRASER Coast police are calling for motorists to be wary of wildlife on the region's roads.

Howard police's Senior Constable Edwain Gompelman said colliding with livestock or wild animals was a common occurrence particularly around dawn, dusk or at night.

"Recently we have had a few kangaroo strikes both on the Bruce Hwy and other roads," he told the Chronicle.

"It is a timely reminder for motorists to take care at all times.

"Hazards can include larger animals like cattle, pigs and horses.

"The last major accident I went to caused by an animal was when a man was lucky to escape being killed when his car hit a wild boar."

Snr Con Gompelman also reminded residents if they did hit an animal, particularly kangaroos, to stop and check if it was alive or if it had a joey inside its pouch.

"If you see an animal on the road or looking like it could run on the road from the verge call police on 131 444 or the local council. The same goes for if you have hit an animal and it is alive and suffering," he said.

"If you know you are going to hit an animal, slow down and try not to swerve drastically as it causes people to focus on the animal rather than where you are going.

"Please be aware and take note of the 'fatal five' - speeding, drink and drug driving, not wearing seatbelts, fatigue, and driving while distracted are the cause, or contribute to, most of the serious traffic incidents and deaths on our roads. Being mindful of these particularly in animal-related crashes really does save lives."

Earlier in July figures by Wildlife Rescue Fraser Coast were released which revealed 40 kangaroos and wallabies had fallen victim to vehicle strikes across the Fraser Coast in the past two months.

Phone WRFC on 41213146.