BUTCHER Roderick Wruck was in his mid to late 60s when he showed his new employers how people of his generation approached their work.

He essentially got twice as much meat preparation done in half the time when compared to two younger staff members at Grant's Quality Meats former Sunshine Plaza store.

They have kept him on since then, moving to an Aerodrome Rd shop in 2010 and working on a part-time basis until it closed earlier this month.

Mr Wruck is now on the hunt for work again, aged 75 and with more than 60 years of butchering experience.

He tends not to use a resume, instead letting his knives do the talking.

"I've been in some bloody shops," Mr Wruck said of his career.


Sunshine Coast butcher Roderick Wruck has been in the trade for more than 60 years.
JOB SEARCH: Sunshine Coast butcher Roderick Wruck has been in the trade for more than 60 years. Patrick Woods

He couldn't remember exactly how old he was when he left school to work in a Brisbane butcher shop but he was pretty sure he was younger than 15.

"I just walked out of school."

Since then he has worked in other people's shops and owned his own shops as well as working in abattoirs and supermarkets.

His work has taken him to centres including Brisbane, Nambour, Gunnedah, Biloela, Darwin and Cairns.

When asked why he stayed in the trade, his answer was simple.

"Because I'm a butcher," Mr Wruck said.

"I love it."

His boss of the past eight years, Jim Grant Jnr, detailed his relief when Mr Wruck started working for him.

"We had finally found a decent butcher," Mr Grant said.

"He has that quality and knowledge of meat."

He said Mr Wruck's customer service skills were also important.

"A lot of his personality, that welcoming personality and having a yarn, there's not enough of that any more."

Mr Wruck said he wasn't sure what he was going to do now that his workplace had closed down, apart from look for more work.

His advice to young butchers was to build up their skills and keep learning.

"Just keep it all going," Mr Wruck said.