COAST CRIME: Has your suburb been hit?


Break and Enter

Howard St

Between 6.30pm and 9.55pm on November 3 unknown offenders have cut a flyscreen and also damaged a window casing to gain entry to the dwelling. Once inside it appears the offenders have rummaged through some property and have let out the victim's dogs as they were inside the dwelling and not locked up where they had been when the victim left the dwelling. It appears nothing was stolen.


Break and Enter

Clearwater Cr

Between 11pm on November 7 and 4am on November 8, unknown offender/s have attended at the rear screen door and appear to have attempted to pull the door from its tracks. The bottom of the door has been pulled out of shape and the door is off its tracks. The informant states she is also having difficulty opening and shutting the glass sliding door however no visible signs of damage to that door. No entry gained. Offender/s have left the area, undetected.

Queensland Police Service Crime Stoppers 1800 phone number and sign, Friday, July 24, 2015. Photo Kevin Farmer / The Chronicle
Call Crime Stoppers if you know anything about these crimes. Kevin Farmer


Break and Enter

Carolyn St

Between November 1 and 4.20pm on November 4 unknown offenders have gained entry to the locked and secured shipping container which was at the rear of the property. Once inside the offenders have stolen a boat motor.

Break and Enter

Jimlee St

Between 2pm on November 3 and 7.30am on November 9 unknown offenders have gained entry (via a rear sliding glass door) to the dwelling which is currently under construction. The offenders have stolen a dishwasher, cooktop and oven from the dwelling.


Break and Enter

Wattlebird Lane

At about midnight on November 6 unknown offenders have removed a screen from a window in order to attempt to gain entry to the house, however the offenders were disturbed.


Break and Enter

Piggford Lane

Between noon and 6pm on November 2 unknown offenders have gained entry via an unlocked front door, once inside they have stolen a quantity of medication from the kitchen bench and have left via the same entry point.


Stealing from vehicle

Hyperno Rd

Between November 4 and 6 unknown offenders have removed the rear registration plate from the vehicle which was locked and secured parked in the driveway of the dwelling.

A woman is recovering after allegedly being stabbed in Bungalow.
Crime on the Fraser Coast.

Break and Enter

Spence St

Between 7.30pm on November 8 and 7.45am on November 9 unknown offenders have attended the shed at the dwelling and have stolen a Bluetooth speaker and other personal items from inside the shed.


Wilful Damage

Newhaven St

Between midnight and 7am on October 29 unknown offenders have caused damage to numerous panels of a fence that backs onto Old Maryborough Rd. The fence panels have been kicked and snapped off.


Break and Enter

Fraser St

Between 8.30pm on November 3 and 8am on November 4 unknown offenders have gained entry to the closed but unlocked garage area of the building and once inside have gained entry to the vehicle and have stolen a black leather handbag from inside the vehicle.


Charlton Esp

Between 7pm on November 5 and 2.30am on November 6 unknown offenders have entered the awning of the caravan and have stolen a fridge/freezer from the awning area.


Wilful Damage

Topaz Crt

Between 3.30 and 11pm on November 3 unknown offenders have used a pot plant from the front of the house to smash a front window of the dwelling. No entry was gained to the property


Stealing Motor Vehicle

Neptune St

Between 6.45pm and 7pm on November 4 unknown offenders have, while the victim was taking groceries from the vehicle to house, stolen the motor vehicle which was idling with the keys in the ignition. In the time it took the victim to walk the groceries inside, the offender has stolen the vehicle. Vehicle stolen was a 2005 Toyota Camry, silver in colour with Queensland registration 671IUH.

Stealing Bicycle

Adelaide St and Sussex St

Between 5.30pm and 6pm on November 3 unknown offenders have stolen a silver and black Alanti mountain bike parked at the front of the supermarket. The bike was not locked at the time.

Wilful Damage

Rocky St

At about 7.10pm on November 4 unknown offenders have thrown a rock at the roof of the dwelling. The rock has smashed a solar panel on the roof.

Wilful Damage

Queens Park

Between 7.30am and 7.45am on October 30 unknown persons have used a felt tip pen to write obscene words on the walls within the toilet block at the park.

Wilful Damage

Queens Park

Between 6.20am and 11.30am on November 5 unknown offenders have damaged the inside walls of the toilet block with pen and have also attempted to set alight the sink and floor by burning toilet paper.

Wilful Damage

Wharf St

Between 3pm on October 30 and 5.30am on October 31 unknown offenders have smashed two spotlights and broken two taps from the building area.