COAST CRIME: Has your suburb been targeted?


Steal from vehicle

Cassandra Cres

Between 7.30pm on November 23 and 3.45am on November 24, cash, games, a console and Christmas presents were stolen from an unsecured vehicle.

Steal from vehicle

Cassandra Cres

Between 9.20pm on November 23 and 7.30am on November 24, cash and food was stolen from an unlocked car parked in a driveway.

Car theft Photo Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily
Cars are being targeted across the Fraser Coast. Warren Lynam

Break and enter


Between 6pm on November 16 and 8am on November 23, an offender entered a home through an open window and stole electrical equipment. The victim was not home.

Break and enter

Cypress St

About 3pm on November 24, cash and jewellery was stolen when offenders entered a residence through an unsecured garage door.


Break and enter

Cypress St

Between 6.10pm on November 24 and 9am on November 25, offenders entered a residence and damaged fibro sheeting and walls.



Steal from vehicle

Draeger St

Between 11pm on November 26 and 6.30am on November 27, offenders removed a petrol cap from a vehicle that was locked and secured in the yard of a residence.

If you can help police with any crime related incidents call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Steal from vehicle

John Lane

Between 8.30pm on November 28 and 7.30am on November 29, an offender tried to remove a vehicle's UHF aerial.


Break and enter

Ferry St

Between 2pm on November 26 and 8.30am on November 28, offenders entered an unoccupied residence and damaged a rear wooden door. No property was stolen.

Enter with Intent

Wharf St

About 3pm on November 29, an offender entered a rear door of a business, stealing cigarettes before being approached by a staff member.


Break and enter

Woocoo Dr

Between 11pm on November 28 and 5am on November 29, offenders damaged the door of a residence.


Break and enter

Islander Rd

Between November 26 and November 27, a watch, knives and mobile phones were stolen from a home when entry was gained through an unlocked window.


Steal from vehicle

Bakery Lane

Between 7pm November 26 and 8am November 29, sports equipment and documents were stolen from an unlocked vehicle in a public car park.



WITH recent events across the Fraser Coast, police want to advise business owners and managers on robbery prevention and business security.

Is your workplace a soft target?

What is a soft target?

Generally, it is either workplace or business, or it is a person who trades or works after hours and weekends.

It could also be a person who works or attends places in quiet streets or unpopulated areas.

Some examples of soft targets include:


1.Convenience stores


2. Service stations


3. Bottle shops


4. Food outlets


5. Late night chemists


6. Individuals (eg at ATMs)


As a business owner or worker, can you answer the questions below?

What deterrent measures do you have in place for your workplace or yourself, and are they:


Adequate? Inadequate? Non-existent?


At your workplace is the point of sale operator visible to people outside the workplace?


Is there an adequate visibility between POS operators and other staff and even to outside the business to the footpath or roadway?


Does your work place operated outside normal trading hours?


Is there an ability for a person to enter the workplace undetected?


Do staff work alone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions your business or workplace could be considered a soft target by some criminals.

If so, then we can help you.

The Maryborough and Hervey Bay Crime Prevention Unit hse resources, and can provide information sessions on robbery prevention awareness and business security.

These sessions are available at no charge to the community. We can attend your business to conduct a session or a business security audit at a time suitable.

If you would like more information please contact the Crime Prevention Unit on 4123 8141. For more tips or information visit www.police.