The intersection of Alice St and Harwood St in Maryborough.
The intersection of Alice St and Harwood St in Maryborough.

Coast man takes up fight to get ‘scary’ intersection fixed

CHRIS White fears it's only a matter of time before there is a serious crash at the intersection of Alice and Harwood streets in Maryborough.

He works close to the intersection and has gotten used to the sound of screeching tyres - the telltale sign of another near miss.

He has also rushed to the aid of people involved in a crash at the intersection.

With no turning lane, vehicles often had to stop abruptly when a car was trying to turn into Harwood St, he said.

"We often hear the sounds of a car locking up to avoid another car," Mr White said.

The scariest moments came when it was a truck trying to stop, especially during cane season.

Mr White said the sun was glaring at the intersection and often drivers failed to see cars waiting to turn.

He saw a truck driver forced to stop abruptly last week, adding to his fears that a family will get hit from behind one day.

"It's pretty scary, what we are seeing," he said.

"We constantly either hear it or see it."
Mr White said he had contacted the Department of Transport and Main Roads multiple times over the years to suggest a turning lane, but nothing had been done.

"I don't think it would be a huge undertaking," he said.

The Chronicle contacted TMR for a response but had not received one at the time of publishing.