Adam Hills hosts the Spicks and Specks 2000s special.
Adam Hills hosts the Spicks and Specks 2000s special. Ben King

Comedian's brush with famous coronavirus case

ADAM Hills was in close contact with Prince Charles in the weeks before the British Royal was diagnosed with coronavirus. 

The Aussie comedian says just three weeks ago he was working on the final episodes of the latest season of his popular talk show The Last Leg in London and touring with his Work in Progress comedy show before the UK ramped up social distancing measures. 

"Three weeks ago I was at a fundraiser for the Australian bush fires. George Brandis (the Australian High Commissioner) was there and Prince Charles was there," he said.

"I remember that week I'd been feeling a bit under the weather. Nothing horrific; a bit of a sore throat but nothing to stop me going to work.

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"I thought should I even go? I was hosting it, and the government advice at that point was go about your normal life. Then three days after I got back here I found out Prince Charles has it. It's possible he had it that night or got it from me that night. It (the government advice in the UK) was so vague at that point. I was doing a tour in the UK at that point. I was meeting people after every show, shaking hands."

Hills is now back home in Melbourne, where he's in his second week of self-isolation to comply with the Australian Government's measures for all travellers returning from overseas. 

"I've been self-isolating for 11 days... as far as I know there's nothing wrong with me," he said.

Splitting his time between the UK and Australia, Hills is full of praise for the Australian Government's response to the pandemic. 

"Australia has been a lot smarter about it, and by and large put measures in place earlier to hopefully that will mean it won't be as bad as the UK,"' he said.

"It felt like the Australian Government has been a bit more across clamping down on social distancing than the British."

His documentary Adam Hills: Take His Legs premiered on Channel 10's streaming service 10Play yesterday.

Adam Hills in a scene from the documentary Adam Hills: Take His Legs. Supplied by Channel 10.
Adam Hills in a scene from the documentary Adam Hills: Take His Legs. Supplied by Channel 10.

The doco tells the story of the birth of Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL) in the UK, and the rise of Hills' Warrington Wolves PDRL team from open trial to World Champions in just six months.

"I'm so proud of that doco," he said. "I loved playing rugby league generally and I still do. When I was in the UK I was still training every Tuesday. All the lads are on WhatsApp and we're still training in our homes and sending each other exercises. 

"It's more than just sport. It's about mental health, community, connection, finding your tribe - those are all the things we're missing at the moment. Hopefully it's the right time for this to be out there."

Hills can also be seen in the Spicks and Specks '00s Special airing Sunday, April 19 at 7.40pm on ABC-TV.