Committee formed to decide how to use your $10 levy

A COMMITTEE has been formed to distribute the disaster management fund, collected as part of a new $10 levy each Fraser Coast property owner is charged.

As part of the 2013-14 budget, the Fraser Coast Regional Council announced a new Disaster Levy to fund State Emergency Service units, and the council's disaster management efforts.

Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O'Connell said the committee would allocate $529,000 to disaster management this financial year.

About $260,000 will be allocated to SES units for utility charges including electricity, gas and water; maintenance and running costs for boats, vehicles and buildings as well as stationery.

"Funds will be available to improve SES facilities that are not covered by the operational budgets such as major building renovations, additions or equipment refurbishments," he said.

"Funds will be allocated to replace vehicles in the SES fleet annually. Currently the SES fleet consists of seven four-cylinder dual cab four-wheel drives, three troupe carriers and one bus.

"There is also $11,000 for projects to boost the resilience of communities such as providing radios, signage and generators at halls.

"In addition $50,000 will be allocated to disaster management projects."