Condy Park Kindy wiped from the council's draft 20 year plan

CONDY Park Kindergarten director Kathy Forgan-Flynn is searching for answers as to why her centre has been replaced with a transit centre in the council's 20-year plan for Hervey Bay.

The Fraser Coast Regional Council handed down the 20 year vision for Pialba in the Hervey Bay CBD Urban Renewal Master Plan about a month ago.

While the plan documents how sections of Pialba's CBD will develop, the current Condy Park Kindergarten on Old Maryborough Rd is nowhere to be seen.

In its place is a transit centre and multi-storey car park.

Ms Forgan-Flynn has viewed the plans and describes the absence of the 58-year-old kindergarten as concerning.

"I was a little surprised and probably a little disappointed," she said.

"We'd love to see Hervey Bay grow and develop but we'd like to still be here."

But Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O'Connell said the staff and children should be assured development won't flatten their beloved centre.

"This is very much a draft plan - nothing is set in concrete," he said.

"My feeling if I look at this is that they would be complementary to the education precinct."

Ms Forgan-Flynn will attend the council's public consultations session at the Pialba Memorial Hall on Saturday from 9am.

"We look forward to some discussion," she said.

A project working group was formed to consult on the council's 20-year plan and attendees that provided feedback included Glen Winney, Jason Lynch, Paul Lopez, Brett Langabeer, Tim Powers, Ward Veitch and Daniel Poacher.

A public comment period will close on April 7.