Good times.
Good times.

McGregor’s plan to take down Ronaldo

CONOR McGregor wants to overtake Cristiano Ronaldo and Floyd Mayweather as the planet's richest sportsman with a billion-dollar bank balance.

The Irish UFC star won four MMA titles, barged into boxing and created fashion and whiskey brands before releasing a film about his incredible journey.

The Dubliner is ready to return to the octagon but on the proviso he is a co-promoter, taking a bigger cut of the money.

With a mission to overtake sportsmen like the ex-Manchester United winger and his old boxing rival Mayweather, he is using American gangster rapper Puff Daddy as his inspiration.

After the premiere of his new film Notorious, the story of his rise to super-stardom and mega-money, he fighter discussed his climb up the MMA rankings and the Forbes rich list

McGregor said: "You know, I just dream of hitting that 'billy' mark, if I'm being honest. I'm cruising toward that billion-dollar mark.

Drink up.
Drink up.

"Ronaldo was number one last year, I was number 24 with 34 million dollars (£26m) in revenue.

McGregor claims to have banked £10m for his August knockout defeat by Mayweather even with his UFC paymasters taking a cut for allowing him to box while under contract.

Notorious is lining up a UFC unification fight against interim lightweight champ Tony Ferguson next up.

And the Crumlin icon expects to fly past Money Man and the Real Madrid legend to the top of the Forbes rich list.

"Next year, if it stands as is, Floyd will be number one, I'll be number two, and Ronaldo will be number three," McGregor said.

"If I fight one or two more times I will overtake Mayweather.

"So that's what my goal is right now - number one, highest-paid athlete Forbes 2018, make my way towards the billion-dollar mark, and then continue to go."

World class businessmen.
World class businessmen.

UFC boss Dana White wants to continue his boxing work and is open to the idea of McGregor being a co-owner after stars like Ronda Rousey and Jon Jones collapsed, leaving him the golden goose in a $US4 billion (£3b) company.

McGregor said: "It is certainly something I will seek. I will seek equity in the company.

"I will seek to be a part of the company, it makes sense from all angles, but we'll see. We're in the negotiations stage."

McGregor was the only mixed martial artist to make the Forbes' top 100 list this year.

To put into perspective where McGregor landed on the list, he was ahead of NBA superstars Carmelo Anthony ($32.6 million), Kyrie Irving ($29.9 million) and NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown ($31.9 million).

Following his debut in the top 100 list, McGregor vowed to one day sit at the top where he would be competing with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, who earned a reported $93 million last year.


Top dog.
Top dog.

No. 10 - Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1): $46 million (salary/bonuses: $38 million, endorsements: $8 million)

No. 9 - James Harden (NBA): $46.6 million (salary/bonuses: $26.6 million, endorsements $20 million)

No. 8 - Steph Curry (NBA): $47.3 million (salary/bonuses: $12.3 million, endorsements: $35 million)

No. 7 - Andrew Luck (NFL): $50 million (salary/bonuses: $47 million, endorsements: $3 million)

No. 6 - Rory McIlroy (golf): $50 million (prize money: $16 million, endorsements: $34 million)

No. 5 - Kevin Durant (NBA): $60.6 million (salary/bonuses: $26.6 million, endorsements: $34 million)

No. 4 - Roger Federer (tennis): $64 million (prize money: $6 million, endorsements: $58 million)

No. 3 - Lionel Messi (football): $80 million (salary/bonuses: $53 million, endorsements: $27 million)

No. 2 - LeBron James (NBA): $86.2 million (salary/bonuses: $31.2 million, endorsements: $55 million

No. 1 - Cristiano Ronaldo (football): $93 million (salary/bonuses: $58 million, endorsements: $35 million)