The Hotplate contestants Conrad and Liam.
The Hotplate contestants Conrad and Liam. channel 9

Conrad and Liam off The Hotplate

THE Hotplate's most outspoken chefs were the first to be eliminated from the show tonight.

Conrad and Liam lost their three-course cook-off against Italian restaurant owners Christina and Tania.

Despite improving dramatically from their chaotic private dinner, the partners couldn't best the motivated mother and daughter.

They were asked to create all three dishes featuring three hero ingredients: limes, chili and kingfish.

Two stand-out dishes from Christina and Tania - a kingfish carpaccio and chili prawn pasta - won them the night, judged by hosts Scott Pickett and Tom Parker Bowles and special guest chef Guillaume Brahimi.

The Hotplate contestants Christina and Tania.
The Hotplate contestants Christina and Tania. Channel 9

Pickett described the womens' pasta as a "bowl of Italian love".

"I could taste your passion right there in front of me," he said.

Both desserts were underwhelming. Conrad and Liam's lime posset was underset, while Christina and Tania's teacake lacked lime flavour.

"My aunt gave me some great advice once. She said 'Liam always leave the party while you're still having fun'," Liam said.

"So I guess we are and we will."

In round two each of the remaining five teams will get $20,000 and three days to makeover their restaurants.

The judges will then give the teams new dishes to cook in the next round of private dinners.