MARY Ryan's Hervey Bay was not only packed on the inside on Saturday, but also had people peeking through the outside glass.

They were there to see Australian animal conservationist Bob Irwin.

Mr Irwin, who is also Steve Irwin's dad, was in Hervey Bay to tell his stories and share his new book.

The Last Crocodile Hunter: A Father and Son Legacy, which was co-written with Hervey Bay author Amanda French, explores Mr Irwin's life from when he switched from a plumbing profession to being a wildlife warrior.

"The book is a lot about my life with Steve," Mr Irwin said. Now aged 77, it is Mr Irwin's first book.

"I first met Amanda in Hervey Bay during a Whale Watching Festival, and we've kept in contact since working on different projects," Mr Irwin said.

"The whole book was her idea actually.

"We were out on the road assisting wildlife carers and she brought it up."

Together, they worked both on-the-road and behind the keyboard bringing the words to life.

"We actually travelled 20,000km across Australia to capture his story," Ms French said. "His story was told to me in some of the most remote parts of the country; it's truly inspiring."

Mr Irwin is also quite a bit of a whale-watching lover. Having gone whale-watching off the Fraser Coast multiple times before, he is marking another trip in his diary.

"I was talking to someone at the book signing, and made a commitment to go whale watching," he said.