BLOWN AWAY: The 2018 Neil Pryde Burrum Windfest is held at Burrum Heads until April 30.
BLOWN AWAY: The 2018 Neil Pryde Burrum Windfest is held at Burrum Heads until April 30. Debbie Polley

Contestants blow into Burrum for Windfest

ABOUT 50 windsurfing contestants will sail the waters off Burrum Heads for the 2018 Neil Pryde Burrum Windfest from April 25 to 30.

Burrum Windfest is Australia's largest and longest running global position system windsurfing event. Race director Geoff Ringe said all competitors wore a GPS device which recorded data from the race and was logged onto a worldwide platform.

"It records all your times, the distance you've sailed, how long you've been in the water and it's just all about speed and different things you do," Mr Ringe said.

"Then when you come home, you can download it onto your laptop or computer and that goes into a central database and it adds different points up.

"At the moment in our little contest there's something like 4000 competitors, so the Burrum Heads contest will still be a part of that worldwide contest."

Mr Ringe has tipped the weather to be ideal for the five-day event because of the wind conditions at this time of the year.

"Generally we get south-east winds this time of the year which is the perfect wind for Burrum Heads," Mr Ringe said.

"It's got the flat water and the water is quite clear. Burrum Heads has a lot of wildlife out there, a lot of dugongs, turtles, the odd shark, but no one seems to worry about that (the sharks)."

He said because of Burrum Heads' affordability, the contest could double as a family holiday.

"It's just a great spot for people to come for a week's holiday too because it's low-budget," he said.

"I've always tried to get it into a weekly contest more than a two-day thing so you can bring your family and just enjoy it."

Phone Mr Ringe on 0476267479.