Mandy Chapman organizing a Reclaim Australia rally on Easter Saturday.
Mandy Chapman organizing a Reclaim Australia rally on Easter Saturday. Alistair Brightman

Controversial anti-Islam rally to go ahead in Hervey Bay

A CONTROVERSIAL protest will go ahead in Hervey Bay on Saturday, with thousands of people in the Reclaim Australia Rally across the nation.

The anti-Islam rally is protesting the rise of halal certification and concerns about Sharia law.

So far more than 170 people have committed on Facebook to attend the rally but organiser Mandy Chapman says it could be more and it was a case of wait and see.

"We're anticipating a few more," she said.

The rally will start at 10am at Ron Beaton Park and then an event will be held at a nearby property where speeches will be made and a barbecue will be held.

Ms Chapman said police and the Fraser Coast Regional Council had permitted the rally.

She said the aim of the rally was to make the government understand concerns people had about halal certification and Sharia law becoming part of Australia.

Ms Chapman said more and more companies were paying money to have their products halal certified and she wondered where the money was going and why people didn't get a choice in whether an item was halal certified.

"This rally is to let the government know we are unhappy with it."

Ms Chapman said the event would be peaceful, with children and families encouraged to attend.

She said anyone intending to make trouble would be swiftly made to leave.

"If there is any sign of a disturbance it will be nipped in the bud, whether it is from Reclaim supporters or not," she said.