One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts with Maryborough Candidate Sharon Lohse. Photo: Stuart Fast
One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts with Maryborough Candidate Sharon Lohse. Photo: Stuart Fast

Controversial party’s big interest in heritage city

AS the Queensland state election draws closer, Maryborough has been visited by One Nation founder Pauline Hanson and visited by Queensland Senator Malcolm Roberts twice.

The Chronicle asks, why has the party taken such a keen interest in the heritage city?

Senator Roberts said the focus on Maryborough was part of the election campaign as he and other party members toured the state supporting candidates.

While in Maryborough, Senator Roberts met with state candidate Sharon Lohse and met with community groups.

"We know the support for One Nation is growing, every election our support has gone up and increased considerably and we hope to continue that trajectory," he said.

"We're focusing on Southern Queensland, Central Queensland and Northern Queensland because of the issues," he said.

The issues for the senator were energy prices, water costs, land use rights, jobs and youth engagement.

In the 2017 state election, One Nation candidate James Hansen was beaten by incumbent Labor member Bruce Saunders.

Mr Saunders won with 45.18 per cent of the vote, while Mr Hansen received 30.36 per cent of the vote, with the other 24.46 per cent voting for other candidates.

This year five candidates will contest the Maryborough election, Mr Saunders for the ALP, Denis Chapman for the LNP, Ms Lohse for One Nation, Craig Armstrong for the Greens and Samantha Packer for the Informed Medical Options Party.

Senator Roberts visited the Fraser Coast earlier this month and discussed the impact of policy uncertainty on the region's timber industry.

His earlier visit was followed by party founder Pauline Hanson meeting with community groups and supporting candidate Ms Lohse, who outlined the parties approach to youth crime and unemployment.