A convicted rapist spat on a Queensland Police officer.
A convicted rapist spat on a Queensland Police officer. File

Convicted rapist's cruel taunt to cop after assault

A CONVICTED rapist and Hep C carrier spat in the eye and mouth of a police officer then taunted him with, "I hope you catch a disease".  

The assault happened in December, 2016 when Shannon John Hinchey was in custody at the Bundaberg watchhouse.

While waiting for his transfer to Maryborough Correctional Centre, Hinchey started damaging his cell and covering the CCTV camera with paper.

The police officer came into the cell to clean up the mess, and that is when Hinchey spat in his face.  

The saliva went into the officer's right eye and mouth as Hinchey revealed he had Hep C.

The 31-year-old Gladstone man on Tuesday pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to assaulting a police officer.

In sentencing Hinchey to 10 months in jail, Judge Julie Dick said after the attack the offender cheered and laughed at his victim.

Judge Dick said the officer spent many months worrying that he had contracted the disease.

She said the victim got the all-clear but the assault had a "terrible impact" on him.

"You have an appalling criminal history with drugs, rape, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and serious assaults on your record," Judge Dick told Hinchey, a father-of-one. 

"You cannot help but feel there is a complete lack of respect for authority and the courts." 

Judge Dick said Hinchey was already serving eight years and 10 months for previous violence and drug offences and this charge meant his original parole date would be extended to December of this year.

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