Costco selling popular US product that most don't know about


Costco is known for its weird and wonderful products (human-sized teddy bear, anyone?) and now a video on TikTok has got Aussie fans of one US food outlet very excited.

If you've ever visited the United States, chances are you've had a meal at The Cheesecake Factory - or at least seen one of their many restaurants.

Not to be confused with the similarly named Australian bakery The Cheesecake Shop, The Cheesecake Factory is a sit down restaurant and, as the name suggests, has an extensive range of cheesecakes on the menu.

But sadly like other cult US food chains such as In-N-Out, The Cheesecake Factory hasn't quite made its way into the Australian market, unless you count a limited time run in Woolworths three years ago.

At $25.49 the dessert isn’t cheap.
At $25.49 the dessert isn’t cheap.


But TikTok user @jezbreezy, known as Jeremy, has shared his top picks for "amazing" Costco buys, and revealed you can buy The Cheesecake Factory's original cheesecake frozen - yes, this is not a drill.

"If you love The Cheesecake Factory like me but can't get it because you're in Australia then this is the next best thing," he said.

"All you have to do is let it thaw and voila."

Jeremy's Costco video has been viewed more than 617,000 times and gotten hundreds of comments, with most of them thrilled at the prospect of getting their Cheesecake Factory fix in Australia.

However, at $25.49 a pop, the cheesecakes are fairly expensive for a frozen dessert but according to Jeremy the price tag is worth it.

Cheetos fans were also excited to get their hands on this jumbo packet. Picture: TikTok.
Cheetos fans were also excited to get their hands on this jumbo packet. Picture: TikTok.

"IT'S LIFE CHANGING," he wrote in response to one comment. "Add some Nutella if you're game."

Meanwhile, others said the cheesecake tasted "amazing" even when it was still frozen.

"Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory??!!?? Whaaat!!" one person commented, while another added: "Can confirm the cheesecake is amazing!"

Shoppers were also excited at Jeremy's reveal that Costco sold jumbo bags of Cheetos Flamin' Hot Puffs, with one person saying they had "never" seen them in store in Australia."

"Dam 3am and now I want those hot Cheetos," one person commented.

Costco opened its first Australian store in Melbourne in 2009, and now has 12 stores across the country.

Shoppers have to pay a $60 annual membership to be able to shop in the store, with the supermarket selling jumbo-sized food portions and US products.

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But fans of the US chain don’t mind.
But fans of the US chain don’t mind.