Party Wizards owner Karen Kruger has worked at the shop for 19 years. She said a theft of last week's nature had not happened there before.
Party Wizards owner Karen Kruger has worked at the shop for 19 years. She said a theft of last week's nature had not happened there before. Alistair Brightman

Party shop thief takes 'sexy' items like corsets, bunny ears

UPDATE: A PARTY shop owner who unknowingly helped a thief try out clothes in her shop, says she was later the victim of a violent attack by the same individual.

Karen Kruger had her finger broken in multiple places and was bruised when she confronted the thief during an incident last week. At about 10.30am on Friday (November 25), an unknown woman in her 20s entered the shop.

"She walked in with a large beach bag, and proceeded to try things on," Ms Kruger said.

"I even helped her do up corsets at the back.

"She continued walking around the shop like a cool cucumber, and even had ear plugs in." Ms Kruger then noticed a tag sticking out from the girl's bag, which prompted her to request a check of the bag.

"I looked in the bag and couldn't believe all the stuff that was in there," she said.

"It was like a Santa sack to her that she kept stuffing."

Ms Kruger said the items targeted by the thief were of a "sexy" nature.

"There was all kinds of sexy gear in there," Ms Kruger said.

"Sexy stockings, Playboy bunny ears, corset tops... everything."

Ms Kruger said that she had to call the police, which is when the lady panicked.

"She got scared, frightened, agitated," Ms Kruger said.

"When I went to phone the police, I had a bag in my hands and she lunged over at me from across the counter, grabbed it and pulled it.

"I went flying across the counter with it. I ended up with a broken finger in two places and bruises.

"She then ran like a deer across the park."

There were items that flung over the counter with Ms Kruger, including glass jars which shattered all over the floor. In her 19 years of working the store, Ms Kruger said this was the most confrontational situation she had experienced.

Currently in a splint for the broken finger, Ms Kruger is recovering well after the traumatic event.

"The support I have received is overwhelming," she said.

"I even had a customer bring in flowers and a card."

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


EARLIER: AN OWNER of a costume shop was assaulted by a thief yesterday, sustaining serious injury to her hands.

The owner, in her 50s, had her fingers broken in an altercation when she confronted the thief.

At about 10.30am, a woman believed to be in her 20s walked into Party Wizards in Torquay.

She was described as having dark hair and Caucasian, wearing a leopard print top and denim shorts or a skirt. It is unknown what items were stolen in the incident.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.