COUNCIL: Amendments to Fraser Coast flood hazard mapping

THE Fraser Coast Regional Council is set to amend its planning scheme and adopt updated flood studies for six local catchments.

Deputy Mayor Darren Everard said the updated flood studies would help Council and the community be better prepared for and better understand the potential impacts of a major flood.

"These studies are based on best practice scientific flood modelling and use detailed ground level data to better define potential flood impacts at a property level," he said.

"The studies considered the Tooan Tooan Creek including Lowland Lagoons, Pulgul Creek, Eli Creek, Glenwood, Aldershot and Bunya Creek catchments, and will result in changes to the adopted flood hazard area of more than 11,000 properties."

Throughout May, individual letters and property reports will be sent to owners of properties affected by the changes to the flood hazard area mapping.