Council cuts jobs to 'reduce risk, save cash'

TWO of Ipswich City Council's high-paying, senior executive jobs will be cut to 'reduce risk' and save up to $1 million.

The number of chief operating officers and the departments they oversee will be reduced from seven to five as part of an organisational restructure within the council.

The existing structure "has a number of issues that are impacting of the effective delivery of services to the community", according to a council report.

"There are an unreasonably large number of direct reports to the CEO with seven senior executive positions plus multiple other direct reports," it noted.

"This breadth of control reduces the capacity for adequate supervision and increases risk.

"The current structure has also has created a large number of highly paid executive positions that is out of kilter with the majority of large local authorities both in Queensland and other states and does not meet community expectations."

Some transitional costs are expected but there will be an ongoing saving of about $1 million each year, including on costs, when two executive roles are cut and five remaining are re-branded general managers.

"Any impact on award staff flowing from the proposed executive restructure will be managed via redeployment and there will be no forced redundancies from this," the report notes.

Logan City Council has five departments while Rockhampton, Mackay and Redlands have four, compared to Ipswich's seven.

Ipswich's structure has "and the manner in which it has developed over time" has created a range of functions being duplicated across the council, "increasing the potential for waste, dysfunction and risk flowing from diverse approaches".

Consultation and research will also start to identify whether further structural change is required deeper into the council organisation.