Lake Lenthall on the Fraser Coast
Lake Lenthall on the Fraser Coast

Council dives into new Fraser Coast water supply panel

FRASER COAST residents are being encouraged to be part of a community panel to help the council develop a water supply security strategy.

Councillor Paul Truscott said “We’re asking residents, business owners and industry representatives from across the region to nominate to be a part of the community panel.”

“The panel will have up to 45 members. Panel members will receive an honorary payment in recognition of their commitment to the process and to compensate for any expenses incurred in taking part in the panel and process.

“I encourage people to register as soon as possible before Sunday, 10 January 2021.”

The Fraser Coast Water Supply Security Strategy will ensure there is adequate water supplies to meet growing demand on the Fraser Coast.

“Our water supplies rely on rainfall,” Cr Truscott said.

“Dams are monitored daily by Wide Bay Water and managed carefully to ensure there is enough water during periods of prolonged dry weather.

“The strategy will reassess options available for future water supplies, and when they are required.

“Council also wants to understand how residents feel about increasing water security through the use of water restrictions.

“A secure water supply is essential to support industry, agriculture and population growth.”

For more information on the Fraser Coast Water Security Strategy project or to nominate to be a part of the community panel go to Council’s Engagement Hub page.

The council will also undertake several engagement activities in early 2021 to involve the wider community in the development of the strategy.

A range of strategies are underway or in development as part of an overarching Water Resilience Framework aimed at securing the Fraser Coast’s water future.

More details are available here.