Council is investigating how it can help erosion-affected residents.
Council is investigating how it can help erosion-affected residents. Valerie Horton

Council moves on erosion help for storm-affected residents

EROSION protection for residents affected by heavy storms is on the agenda for the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Division 1 councillor James Hansen and Division 5 councillor Rolf Light asked the council to compile a report on such assistance being included in the Shoreline Erosion Management Plan.

The councillors asked that the report be provided on a proposed policy framework to assist residents in identified storm-affected areas, either financially or with an in-kind contribution basis.

The assistance would be available for a number of factors.

These included protecting the structural safety of an existing structure, or the life or health of a person, or the structural safety of a building and which may require emergent erosion protection works such as sand pushing or sandbagging.

Along with compliance with the council's Shoreline Erosion Management Plan, such assistance would also have to comply with relevant state legislation such as the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995 - Emergency Tidal Works.

The council voted unanimously in favour of this report being prepared for later consideration.