George Seymour dismisses fluoride comments from QLD Premiers

COUNCIL: No agenda for fluoride, but State reconsidering

THE Fraser Coast Regional Council is not considering re-fluoridating the region's water supply despite Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk leaving the door open to mandatory fluoridation.

Both Ms Palaszczuk and former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman are the latest figures to weigh in on the controversial debate, which reached fever pitch across the state late last year.

Ms Palaszczuk said she had asked Health Minister Steven Miles on Monday to work with the Australian Medical and Dental Associations and state councils over the issue, saying the State Government would then give the issue "a very close look".

It could lead to a reconsideration of fluoride being mandated in water supplies across state councils, as they were during the Bligh Government in 2008.

On the Fraser Coast, leading doctors and representatives from the Queensland branches of the AMAQ and ADAQ urged the council to re-consider their decision to remove fluoride in 2016.

The council has insisted water fluoridation is not a priority issue and should be left to the State Government.

When asked about Ms Palaszczuk's statements yesterday, Mayor George Seymour instead accused the Chronicle of "trying to cause some sort of division" over the issue.

"We've given our position on this issue many times, it's never been brought up to a formal council meeting this term," Cr Seymour said.

"It's not an issue people are raising with me or we've been discussing."

Dozens of councils opted to stop fluoridating their water supplies after the Newman Government handed responsibility back to the councils in 2012.

But Mr Newman has since slammed councils for using those powers, saying they have "failed their communities".

"I had hoped by empowering them, giving them the ability to make important local decisions that they would have risen to the challenge," Mr Newman said.

Councillor Anne Maddern, who was the State MP for Maryborough during the Newman Government, said Mr Newman's statement was his "personal opinion".

"The fact that the State Government gave the councils the ability to make that decision was the majority decision of the parliament," Cr Maddern said.

"It may be one he didn't necessarily agree with."

Cr Maddern said questions about re-fluoridation were for the community "unless legislated by the State Government".