NEW: The cricket pitch on Seafront Oval.
NEW: The cricket pitch on Seafront Oval. Alistair Brightman

Council pitches in to encourage cricket matches

AFTERNOON family cricket games could soon feature on Seafront Oval.

As part of a plan to make the Seafront Oval a family orientated open space, the Fraser Coast Regional Council has installed a cricket pitch.

Councillor for sport, recreation, open space and events Darren Everard said it would enhance the oval.

"The oval is often used by families and groups for footy games, so now they will be able to participate in more activities," he said.

"While the concrete pitch has been laid, it has to cure for two weeks before the artificial turf can be installed.

The councillor said the turf would need to sit for three days after it goes down before families will be able to use it.

As part of the plan to provide more family friendly activities at Seafront Oval, the half-court basketball hoop that was removed from Scarness Park during its revamp earlier this year will also be installed.

"The hoop will go between the skate bowl and the stage," Cr Everard said.

"This is just another facility to attract families to go outdoors, especially to visit the seafront."

The pitch was designed to be a little stronger than normal to ensure it would not crack up when the oval was used for community events.

The council could not provide a cost for the pitch.