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Dog owners facing $261 council fine

OWNERS of unregistered dogs could be slapped with hefty fines if they don't pay the mandatory fees soon.  

Registrations were due by August 31, but final reminder notices have now issued by Fraser Coast Regional Council giving owners a further two weeks to renew registrations.  

People found with unregistered dogs run the risk of being issued with a $261 fine for each unregistered dog on top of the cost of registration.  

Fraser Coast Councillor David Lewis said the council will be actively targeting those not playing by the rules.   

"Following this period, for those who still haven't renewed, council will be actively enforcing the requirement to have their dogs registered in this region," Cr Lewis said.  

"Initially this will involve a phone call, followed by door knocks from council's animal management staff.  

Ensuring details are correct also allows for dogs to be reunited with their families if they become lost.   

Money from registration fees goes towards animal management services.