Chamber anger at council handling of choppers

HOW did the council botch the job of potentially attracting a new business to the region, Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce president Tim Powers has asked.

He said in a letter to the editor the chamber had watched with increasing dismay the debacle that unfolded in relation to the possible establishment of a helicopter flight training school at the Hervey Bay Airport. 

"No matter where you stand in the argument, one question that has to be asked is: how did the council botch the potential attraction of a new business to the region, whilst seriously upseting a section of the community, and publicly discouraging other businesses from even considering coming to this region?" Mr Powers asked.

He said some councillors had been calling for Fraser Coast Opportunities' funding to be cut but "these same councillors, and the council as a whole, have shown that they are not serious, and perhaps not capable of attracting economic development to this great region".

"Why did the Council not use Fraser Coast Opportunities to help them?" Mr Powers asked.  

"Why do they criticise FCO yet when they have an opportunity to make use of their skills, they exclude them and think they can do better.

"This clearly shows they can't.

"We fully support the consideration of the community with respect to noise and cannot help but question why this was not one of the first considerations that should have been made by council. 

"Why was this issue not better managed by council?

"The time for political point scoring and petty games that are currently being played by all councillors is past. 

"The chamber is calling on all councillors to get serious about developing this community, to get serious about bringing jobs to this region, and to get serious about concentrating on the job they are being paid for, not the next election."