Council to test water in Howard creek amid septic concerns

FRASER Coast Regional Council will test water in Howard's Maria Creek amid concerns some septic systems are up to 40 years old and may not be working to their optimal capacity.

The sampling program follows a call from councillor James Hansen for an investigation into the possible health and environmental impacts of on-site water disposal given the heavy clay soils prevalent in the town.

In a 12-month project, samples will be taken from four locations along Maria Creek, which runs through Howard and into the Burrum River, and analysed by Wide Bay Water.

"If material is making its way into the creek and river system we will be able to start tracing that back to properties and put actions in place to reduce future run-off," Cr Hansen said.

"This might include checks of septic systems to see if they are working correctly and encouraging people to move the new generation of on-site waste water treatment systems which are more sophisticated then the older-style septic systems."

The council said it would also use the information when considering calls to sewer the town.