Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting, Maryborough Chambers -
Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting, Maryborough Chambers - Valerie Horton

Council to vote on planned upgrade to M'boro Cemetery

MARYBOROUGH Cemetery's Pond of Reflection will be expanded if a council motion is approved at today's meeting.

Council documents list details of the proposed expansion, including ten more manufactured rocks to house the ashes of loved ones at the pond's edge and a solar water pump to improve water quality.

The rocks were placed at the cemetery following Fraser Coast Regional Council staff attending the 2015 Queensland Cemeteries and Crematoria Associations annual conference in Brisbane.

The council purchased 21 of the rocks as a trial in that year's Cemetery capital budget. Deputy mayor George Seymour said this was a necessary part of developing the site.

"We need to keep developing the cemetery, and this is the type of memorial people like now,” Cr Seymour said.

"There's a real diversification to what people do with loved one's remains nowadays, and this is one that's growing particularly fast.