WITH expectations of continued heavy rain on the Fraser Coast this weekend, Fraser Coast councillor Rolf Light has one message - if it's flooded, forget it.

With four people rescued from floodwaters on Booral Rd on Thursday night, Cr Light said the incident could have easily ended in tragedy.

Emergency service crews attended the scene of the incident, which happened near the Main St intersection.

Two vehicles were washed off the flooded road, with crews rescuing three people in one of the cars and one in the other.

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"There's a big message that we want to get across to the community and that message once again is if it's flooded, forget it," Cr Light said.

"We've had some rescues on Booral Rd, which is a State Government-controlled road, so that just shows you, that's a great example of if it's flooded forget it."

Heavy rain is expected across south-east Queensland in the next couple of day, with rainfall totals between 90mm and 130mm possible.

There may also be isolated heavier falls up to 180mm.

Cr Light said the region was experiencing a rain event, but flooding was only expected to reach minor levels, if that, in the Mary River and was not likely to impact on the community.

He said localised flooding of roads was of more concern.

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Cr Light urged road users to take care and only travel if it was absolutely necessary.

"Look, our council crews are out there assessing roads, road closures, which is changing constantly due to the rainfall levels.

"But I can assure the community we are working very hard, assessing the situation even after this rain event in terms of potholes.

"If residents are concerned and are facing any flooding or leaking roofs I urge them to call the SES on 132 500 or customer service if there's an issue with roads, particularly after this event, which is 1300 79 49 29."

Sandbags are also available for those living in low lying areas.

Cr Light said the Council Disaster Management Group was working hard and was monitoring the situation closely.

He said council had dealt with a blocked drain causing issues at Point Vernon on Friday.