Councillor wants larger communities to adopt smaller ones

COMMUNITY resilience portfolio councillor Rolf Light is hoping to harness the power of community groups to ensure the Fraser Coast is prepared for a natural disaster.

"I will be talking with service clubs in the near future to get them involved in getting the Fraser Coast ready for the coming bushfire, storm and cyclone season," he said.

"The more people who are prepared the easier it is for a community bounce back after a disaster.

"One of the ideas I'm promoting is to get service clubs in our larger communities to adopt one of our smaller communities and form personal links with that community."

One of the first projects Cr Light would like the service clubs to be involved in is the provision of Red Cross evacuation centre kits to the 12 Community Co-ordination Committees across the Fraser Coast.

"While it is not the primary function of the Community Co-ordination Committees to operate evacuation centres, it is better to be prepared in case they need to help out," he said.

"The committee's primary roles are to build community spirit, to act as a conduit for information from the Local Disaster Centre Co-ordination Centre and to send information on local conditions to the co-ordination centre.

"They provide a place for council to co-ordinate community responses and provide respite facilities.

"While they do not provide evacuation facilities, because each community usually has a hall, it is possible that they may be asked to open the hall or assist another agency set up an evacuation facility.

"The end result is building our community's resilience and ability to bounce back from natural disasters such as the floods and tornado that hit last year."