Councillors social distancing at a Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting earlier this year.
Councillors social distancing at a Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting earlier this year.

Councillors quizzed on state election alliances, support   

FROM a video on social media promoting an old colleague to steering clear, councillors have taken different approaches to this year’s state election.

It comes as their current councillor colleague Denis Chapman stands as the LNP candidate for Maryborough and former councillor Stuart Taylor is running as an independent in Hervey Bay.

Cr Paul Truscott has publicly endorsed Mr Taylor in a video on social media.

Cr David Lewis has also been seen handing out How to Vote cards at the Bay’s pre-polling booth.

Asked about this, Cr Lewis told the Chronicle he had simply “helped out a mate” during the election by giving him a “very limited hand”.

Cr Lewis said he was not publicly advocating for any candidate.

“Given that he is an independent candidate I don’t see that as problematic,” he said.

Cr Lewis said the work he had done to help Mr Taylor was during his own spare time and not during working hours as a councillor.

He also said he believed he would be able to work well with any of the potential state members.

Cr Phil Truscott said he was not supporting anyone in either electorate to avoid future conflicts.

“We have to work with whoever gets in and if I back the wrong person I won’t be able to get extra money for my ratepayers,” he said.

Deputy Mayor Darren Everard and Jade Wellings also said they would not be publicly endorsing anyone and would not be handing out How to Vote cards.

Cr Everard said it was up to individual councillors to decide who they chose to support in Saturday’s election and whether or not they wished to make that support public.

“All councillors are required to declare any membership of political parties as part of their register of interests and that information is publicly available on council’s website.

“Council looks forward to a proactive relationship with whoever wins government.”

All councillors were approached for comment.