The apology will be made at the next council meeting.
The apology will be made at the next council meeting.

Councillors to vote to protect migratory shorebirds

NEW local laws introduced by the council could make it illegal for people to disturb migratory shorebird roosts on the Fraser Coast.

It's one of the solutions proposed by the Fraser Coast Regional Council to help protect the roosts in the region, following a decline in migratory shorebirds across Australia.

A motion will be voted on by councillors in today's meeting to decide what actions should be taken to provide protection for the animals.

Local laws that make it an offence to disturb the shorebirds and their roosts is one of several options, which range from increase patrols at known roosting areas and developing a monitoring program with environmental departments and conservation groups.

Council documents reveal disturbance from pedestrians and off-leash dogs are the greatest threat to the birds on the Fraser Coast.

"Populations of many migratory shorebirds in Australia have significantly declined, with long term monitoring showing a 73% reduction in overall numbers between 1983 and 2006 and a recent national analysis revealing significant declines for 12 of 19 species studied," the documents read.

Shorebird planning guidelines are being developed by the Department of Environment and Science and will likely be rolled out next year.