A pay rise for councillors and mayors is on the cards.
A pay rise for councillors and mayors is on the cards. Valerie Horton

Councillors vote in 2.25 per cent pay rise

COUNCILLORS will get a 2.25 per cent pay rise under the latest advice from the Local Government tribunal.

A general increase to the existing pay levels of councillors, mayors and deputy mayors was flagged by the tribunal in the December 2017 Queensland Government Gazette.

Under the new scheme, councillors will receive salaries of $87,929 a year, deputy mayors $99,921 and mayors $151,878.

The changes were carried unanimously yesterday at a Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting.

The salary increases come into effect in July.

Acting Mayor George Seymour said the tribunal set the pay rate and not councillors.

"That's the rate they set, it's not set by councillors," Cr Seymour said.

"None of us there are doing it for the money.

"It's not like we sit down and figure out how much we're going to get paid, the tribunal sets that."

Cr Seymour reiterated he would not be taking the mayoral salary during his time as acting mayor.

He said he was committed to the role through a motivation to serve the public.

"The new role involves a lot of extra responsibilities, but I consider it a privilege and a duty to serve in any way I can," Cr Seymour said.

The council falls under category four of the tribunal's remuneration schedule.

Councillors in Bundaberg, Gladstone and Rockhampton have received the same pay rise.