OUR SAY: Council’s hokey pokey PR failure

IF A public relations expert was to write a list of "Do's and Don'ts" for politicians, number one on the "do" list would probably read something like this:

"First impressions are important - so make sure your first moves will impress the people who elected you."

The "don't" seems so obvious that it would probably go unspoken: "Don't increase your benefits package the minute you step into office".

Given the promises and drum-banging during the election around cutting costs, it is simply astonishing that the very first priority of councillors, at the inaugural council meeting, was to increase their perks.

Only time will tell which councillors will cash in on these extras, and how much it will actually cost us.

As a heavy user of technology myself, I don't actually begrudge them the equipment - it's important they have the right tools if they are to do a good job, although I do wonder if it is really necessary to have two phones.

But making this the first priority smacks of an entitled attitude, that they have been voted in and now do not care what the public thinks.

After a positive step earlier this week with the promise of making our beaches more accessible, it seems the council has rapidly taken one step back again.