Wood and brass judges gavel on a law book
Wood and brass judges gavel on a law book

COURT: Couple still together after one trashed other’s house... twice

A COUPLE is still together but living apart after one trashed the other’s house... twice.

A River Heads woman pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Thursday to three charges including contravention of a domestic violence order.

The court heard the woman’s boyfriend received aggressive text messages from his then ex in the early hours of June 2.

When he returned to his house at River Heads later that day he found some of his belongings smashed, broken and strewn across his yard. She had ripped a rear screen door from it hinges and in the main bedrooms written “f*** you” in lipstick on the wall.

On August 19 the pair got into a fight at the River Heads home.

When the police arrived at the house at 7.30pm the man had left but the woman was out the front.

She admitted to damaging something inside.

Inside the house police found extensive damage throughout the kitchen and living area including broken pots, crockery and glasses.

The court heard the man had left the house to allow her to calm down after the fight but instead she had smashed the items.

Financial stress and extended time separated from family were said to be among the factors that led her to trash her partner’s home twice.

The duty lawyer appearing for the woman said the couple had been in a relationship for six years.

They had lived together for five years but were currently living apart.

Since the two incidents the woman had received support to reduce her alcohol consumption and a was on a mental health plan.

She was given a 12-month probation order.

No conviction was recorded.