Court hears glassing was self-defence tactic

A WOMAN who glassed another, causing a cup to fill with blood, was defending herself against a jealous ex-girlfriend a court has heard.

Taylor Louise Hatchman, 20, fronted Hervey Bay Magistrates Court charged with assault occasionally bodily harm.

The court heard the victim had come home to find Hatchman in her bed with her ex-partner.

She yelled, "get the f**k out of my house" and punched Hatchman in the face.

Hatchman retaliated, punched the victim and pulled her hair.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Glenn Whittle said the victim's ex-partner held her and encouraged Hatchman to assault her.

Sgt Whittle said the fight spilled outside to the front lawn.

"At some point during the incident, the defendant has picked up a thick-based, square drinking glass with her right hand and struck the victim up to three times in the head," Sgt Whittle said.

"Striking the victim in the rear of the head and causing the victim's blood to fill up in the glass."

Defence lawyer Harry Morris said the 'bed' was actually a futon and his client had been sitting there rather than engaging in 'romantic' activity.

He also said his client only retaliated after she was hit twice.

"My client instructs she picked up the glass and the victim then put my client in a headlock and that's when my client swung her arm up and hit the victim (in the head)," Mr Morris said.

"My client was in a headlock for some 20 seconds and although she wasn't fearful of her life, it was aggressive and my client just wanted her to let go.

"While she hit her three times, it was the third time that victim let go."

Magistrate Stephen Guttridge acknowledged Hatchman had no criminal history.

She was sentenced to 12 months' probation and 40 hours of community service. A conviction was not recorded.