PETROL PRANK: Man, 26, threatens to burn Maryborough home

DRUNK, throwing around accusations of cheating and wielding a bottle of what he claimed was kerosene, Kurt Erwin Whitby turned a Maryborough home into a scene of chaos.

Three men, two women and a baby were at the home when Whitby stormed in.

Whitby accused one of the men man of having sex with his partner before spraying the "kerosene" around the house and onto the man, threatening to ignite it with a lighter he was carrying.

But when he tried to light up a cigarette, Whitby had to ask his victims for a lighter because his own wouldn't work.

In the meantime the man he had confronted did his best to diffuse the situation, telling Whitby he and his family and had nothing to do with Whitby's partner.

Whitby, 26, pleaded guilty in Maryborough District Court yesterday to burglary and threatening violence, three years after the incident.

While the substance Whitby sprayed around the house was found not to be kerosene at all, Judge Tony Moynihan said those at the home had no way of knowing that.

"It would have been terrifying for those present," he said.

The court heard Whitby had a long history of ice addiction and was clearly under the influence during the incident.

Whitby had attended two rehabilitation centres in a bid to get clean of his drug addiction, which had started when he was 14 years old.

Whitby had a troubled history, the court was told, as his father had committed suicide and he had previously suffered physical and sexual abuse.

He has two children and a partner, but had ruined the last few years of his life through drugs, the court heard.

Judge Moynihan sentenced Whitby to 18 months in prison but he was released immediately on parole.

Judge Moynihan said it was up to Whitby to keep himself out of trouble.

"Get off drugs or you will send yourself to jail," Judge Moynihan said.