COURT: M'boro man brandishes knife at woman, children

POLICE were forced to draw their tasers when they arrived at a Bauple home in May when they were confronted by a man holding a knife.

Kail John Seth Weil, 23, appeared before Maryborough Magistrates Court this week and pleaded guilty to one count of threatening violence.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kath Stagoll said police had been called after Weil used the knife to cause "fear and intimidation" by brandishing it at those in the home.

A woman, her partner and her children were at the Mill St address at the time.

Sgt Stagoll said police saw the children looking visibly upset in the kitchen when they arrived.

The police went into a bedroom at the home and found Weil, who was holding a knife in his right hand.

The police prepared to use their tasers, but Weil threw the knife on the floor.

"The fact that there were children there makes it a more serious matter," Sgt Stagoll said, adding that Weil did not have a history of violence.

Defence lawyer Travis George said Weil was invited to the property as he was meant to be moving into one of the rooms.

He had been offered a loan of the car to help him move some items.

But when he arrived at the home an argument had started.

"The whole idea of moving in together blew up," Mr George said.

He said the knife used was already at the property, with no suggestion Weil had brought the knife with him.

Mr George said Weil was currently not working and had a problem with marijuana and he was currently taking Valium to manage his mental health issues.

Weil was sentenced to four months in prison, wholly suspended for 12 months.