COVID-19 lessons help with climate change fight


LESSONS from COVID-19 can prepare global tourism for the economic transformation required to combat climate change.

That's according to CQUniversity researchers who said the "victory of decisiveness" in the war to conquer COVID-19 provided a useful metaphor for the need to act decisively with climate change, if that war was to be won.

They pointed out the COVID-19 recovery phase would overlap with global efforts required to deal with the evolving climate crisis.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 aircraft in flight.
Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 aircraft in flight.

Professor Bruce Prideaux, Dr Michelle Thompson and Dr Anja Pabel outlined their views in the latest Tourism Geographies journal, published by Routledge.

"Prior to COVID-19, many governments acknowledged the possibility of a global pandemic but saw little value in funding research and stockpiling of medical resources to deal with a future event of this type," the researchers from CQUniversity's Centre for Tourism and Regional Opportunities wrote.

"Climate change poses a far greater threat to humanity, but because the danger is not immediate, action continues to be deferred.

"Beyond COVID-19, the global economy and political system will be forced to respond to climate change."