Shaun Joseph Maudsley.
Shaun Joseph Maudsley. Contributed

Shocking attack: 'Do you feel like you're almost dead yet?'

A GYMPIE region man will stay in jail until at least April 2021 after he severely bashed and choked his 19-year-old girlfriend until she turned blue in the face and started fitting.

The Gympie District Court heard Shaun Joseph Maudsley, 38, was on an "extraordinary cocktail of drugs" when he drove his victim on February 12 last year to an isolated location near Cooroibah and continued an assault so severe that she lost several teeth.

The pair had been dating for just three weeks, having already moved in together at his house.

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The two had stayed at the victim's mother's house in Tewantin the previous night, with Maudsley verbally abusing her the next morning.

The victim's mother got involved and had an argument with Maudsley, who left the house but returned about 4 that afternoon.

Maudsley accused her of making him look "like a joke" in front of some friends present at the house and asked her to follow him around the back of a shed, where he then clipped her over the ears and side of her head and kicked her in the leg and shin as she tried to get away, causing her to trip.

Maudsley then demanded the victim get in the front seat of his car and he drove around Tewantin for hours, repeatedly punching her in the face with his left hand.

He drove to a Coles service station and stole about $80.70 in fuel before taking her to the isolated location - listed in court as Cooroibah - and continued the assault, punching her in the ribs and then elbowing her to the head.

The court heard Maudlsey said, "Do you feel like you're almost dead yet?" and "I'm going to kill you" when she replied yes, putting both hands around her neck and choking her.

The victim couldn't breathe, turned blue and began to fit, according to Judge Suzanne Sheridan's sentencing comments.

Maudlsey's solicitor told the court her client had shown remorse for his actions, but Judge Sheridan noted this contradicted threatening Facebook posts made by Maudsley toward the victim, her mother and her family as soon as two days after the assault.

His solicitor said Maudsley's offending had been largely caused by his long-term drug issues.

Judge Sheridan described his actions as "protracted, aggressive and unprovoked" and said he should have been aware of the consequences his drug abuse would have.

Maudsley pleaded guilty to common assault; assault occasioning bodily harm; grievous bodily harm and choking all committed in a domestic relationship; as well as stealing fuel and one summary offence of failing to dispose of a needle.

Judge Sheridan handed down a head sentence of four-and-a-half years' jail for the choking offence, noting it would begin after October 16 this year when Maudlsey finished serving the full term of a previous sentence.

His initial parole date was fixed for April 16, 2021.