Cr Light: Cr Taylor must stop undermining the mayor

THE State Government report has not been taken seriously by Cr Taylor and his supporters.

They need to immediately stop undermining mayor Loft and allow him to do the job he was elected to do.

Regretfully, Cr Taylor has, from day one, been openly working against mayor Loft.

This amounts to an eight-month long tantrum, just because he wasn't happy with the election result.

Cr Taylor now needs to just "get over it"

Much like the US elections, it has been hard for some to accept but even the Democrats have graciously conceded and are going about a transition to Trump.

Unfortunately mayor Loft has been besieged by former council loyalists - helping promote a culture that has led to a dysfunctional council.

If they are unable to change, or accept change, they might soon be looking for another job as the State Government has made it abundantly clear that the council will be sacked.

Cr Taylor should be focused on his tourism portfolio, not continuing to wage a public war against the mayor.


Fraser Coast Councillor, Division 5