Cr Stuart Taylor left the chamber during a controversial mayoral minute on Monday.
Cr Stuart Taylor left the chamber during a controversial mayoral minute on Monday. Alistair Brightman

Cr Taylor embroiled in mayoral minute dispute

A MAYORAL minute tabled at Monday's Council meeting has seen Cr Stuart Taylor's role as the deputy chair of the Local Disaster Management Group thrown into what he calls "uncertainty."

Fraser Coast mayor Chris Loft moved to take the role of the deputy chair of the LDMG and absolve Cr Taylor from his current role within the organisation, which prompted Cr Taylor to exit the chamber and abstain from voting.

Cr Taylor said he "didn't feel comfortable" being part of the vote.


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"As soon as I saw the motion, it became apparent to me that even if the motion was lost, the fact the chair indicated he didn't want me as deputy would create too much uncertainty in an area where you can't afford any uncertainty," he said.

"I believe if I stayed in the room I would have had the mayor and chair of the LDMG voting against me."

Cr David Lewis said he was stunned with the situation involving Cr Loft's move.

"I'm somewhat stunned as to why a matter like this is brought to us in this way," he said.

"The irony is that he's (Loft) putting himself on the disaster committee when his conduct will lead to a disaster of another kind.

"It reflects poorly on leadership qualities."

Cr Loft and Light had previously met with Cr Taylor to discuss his resignation from the position, to which Cr Taylor indicated he would not.

The meeting was the last time the trio would discuss the situation, with the mayoral minute not tabled during discussions prior to the general council meeting.

Cr Loft said there was no briefing on the session as the meeting was held on a Monday, making him unable to hold the two-day notice for mayoral minutes.

"Sometimes it is (briefed), sometimes is isn't. There was no briefing on it as it was a Monday," he said.

The vote for the motion was tied at 5-5 but due to the lack of a casting vote from Cr Loft it was misdeclared as a 6-5 loss.

Cr Taylor has not indicated he will pursue the matter with the Department of Local Government.