Tracey Joynson

Cracks appear over deputy job

CRACKS are already appearing in the new Fraser Coast Regional Council before its members have even been sworn in.

The latest fracture has been over who will take the role of deputy mayor.

A press release sent out by council on Monday stated division 10 councillor George Seymour would be the only person nominating for the position of deputy mayor.

Just days later division five councillor Rolf Light announced he would be challenging for the role at the first council meeting on Monday.

Both Cr Light and Cr Seymour referred to a ballot which took place earlier in the week in a closed doors meeting between the councillors.

The closed-door vote comes despite promises from mayor-elect Chris Loft for an open and transparent council.

The Chronicle understands Cr Seymour won the poll six votes to five.

Cr Light is still insisting on a challenge.

"I am also insisting that the public put maximum pressure on this council to ensure the vote is conducted openly and not by secret ballot behind closed doors as some councillors are pushing for," Cr Light said.

He said he was making the challenge because a number of his constituents had approached him about it.

"It should be an open vote," he said.

The councillor has also called for Cr Seymour to rule out running for state parliament before the end of his term.

"I can tell you now I am not interested in any other job, but I will not be dictated to," Cr Seymour wrote in a letter to all councillors.

"If you want to vote for me you can - if you don't, that's fine too."

Cr Seymour said the first he heard about Cr Light running was via social media.

He said councillors had agreed to abide by the vote held earlier in the week.

"We had an agreed process," Cr Seymour said. "And he doesn't like the outcome."

The council will vote on the deputy mayor position on Monday.

The position is reviewed annually.