‘Creep’ councillor faces probe over behaviour on show

A SUNSHINE Coast politician who was sensationally booted from The Bachelorette for lewd behaviour is now facing possible sanction by the state's local government watchdog.

Noosa councillor Jess Glasgow was asked to leave the mansion by Bachelorette Angie Kent after a raft of sexu al comments that made her uncomfortable.

He also spoke of kissing "plenty of girls" who have "turned their heads" at his advances as well as his "wandering fingers" in a two-day stint in which fellow suitors said he was a "sleaze" and a "creep".

Cr Glasgow insisted his behaviour was appropriate.

His appearance on the show has stunned Mayor Tony Wellington, who is now poised to refer him to the Office of the Independent Assessor over allegations his appearance on the show breached the councillors' code of conduct.

In a group photo shoot last night, which featured Cr Glasgow dressed as the rear of a horse, he told Ms Kent he was "the first person she's going to get to ride" when she was asked to sit on his back.

He also criticised a contestant for not trying to kiss Ms Kent, saying, "I would have just grabbed that sweetie and laid one on her" and "I've kissed plenty of girls and they've turned their heads before; I'm used to it."

Other footage showed him telling Ms Kent: "Don't mind me if I've got some wandering fingers all right."

Told by the other men Ms Kent wanted to speak to him about his behaviour, he said: "Bring it on, bitch."

Queensland's Code of Conduct for Councillors states councillors will not behave in a way that reflects adversely on the reputation of a council.

Penalties range from admonishment to dismissal.

Cr Glasgow's behaviour led to a lecture from Ms Kent, who said he had gone too far and made her uncomfortable.

"If there's anything in my entire life that I've been super sure of is that I would never allow a man to come in and f**k with my sisterhood. Never. I can't have that in my life," she said.

" … You always talk about me like a piece of meat."

Cr Glasgow told The Courier-Mail he had done nothing wrong, insisting his behaviour was appropriate and that he had not brought the council into disrepute, nor breached the code of conduct.

"This is a show where she's trying to date 20 guys though, don't forget," he said. "It's totally taken out of context."

He insisted nothing he said on the show was sexual.

"It was all just jest, in the moment-type behaviour," he said. "I never said anything in a derogatory-type, insensitive way towards her."

Cr Glasgow said he was just "making drama and entertainment" to get ratings.

"You know, if I was out there bashing in heads and causing trouble and doing violence or being a criminal, this is where this kind of conduct and system comes in place. But I wasn't," he said. "People forget, we're filming TV here. I don't know if you've noticed but their ratings are through the roof because of this thing."

Angie Kent was not impressed with the behaviour of Noosa councillor Jess Glasgow on The Bachelorette. Picture: Channel 10
Angie Kent was not impressed with the behaviour of Noosa councillor Jess Glasgow on The Bachelorette. Picture: Channel 10

Cr Glasgow, who was elected in 2016, said he hadn't done anything to "disrespect" his constituents.

"It was just simply an opportunity in search of love … to find, hopefully, the mother of my children," he said.

Cr Wellington said Cr Glasgow's behaviour was not reflective of the council's nor the community's values.

"Cr Glasgow did not seek approval from myself and I only found out about his involvement after the show had been recorded," he said.

Cr Glasgow made frequent references to his job on the show, including when he presented Ms Kent with the keys to the city and spent Wednesday's debut episode wearing a kinglike, red velvet cape and sat on a giant, novelty throne.

He yesterday said he had asked for two weeks of leave and was back within 10 days.

He said he couldn't tell the mayor about the show because he had a nondisclosure agreement with the show.