Cremation service for beloved pets began six years ago

KELLY Whitehouse-Buckley well knows the pain of losing a beloved pet.

That was why the Urangan woman started her business Pets in Peace - now known as Forever Ours - a pet cremation service for people wanting to keep the remains of their much-loved animals.

Ms Whitehouse-Buckley said it was an "absolute honour" to help people farewell their pets.

She has three maltese cross dogs - Bella, Stella and a foster dog Oscar.

Ms Whitehouse-Buckley lost a 15-year-old pet about four-and-a-half years ago and said the death broke her heart.

Her pet service was about treating animals with the dignity and respect they deserve, she said.

Ms Whitehouse-Buckley has been doing cremations for six years and finds consulting can be difficult.

Seeing elderly people lose their pets was especially sad, she said.

One elderly man who had lost his border collie, is a strong memory.

"The border collie was a rescue dog. He used to take it into hospitals to visit sick people."

He cried when Mrs Whitehouse-Buckley arrived to take the dog's body away.

Families with young children coping with the death of a pet were also hard and she often encouraged children to write a letter or draw a picture that could be cremated with the pet.