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Crime makes regulars question coming back

REGULAR Hervey Bay holiday-makers may not return for another season over fears of increased crime at Coast caravan parks.

Alan and Roseann Prentice, who have been regular visitors to a Bay a caravan park since 2005, are alarmed at what they saw as an increase in property thefts.

The Victorian couple said across the years, items which were left out had been taken.

Mr Prentice said this year, locked caravans, cars and annexes had been targeted.

"Within one week, the back of a locked vehicle was jimmied open, then a clothesline was taken, an annex broken into and the van next door to us had their keys and wallet stolen," he said.

"On other occasions some people had their documents stolen and their electric bike taken - they must have been watching because they broke inside the caravan to get to the electric motors."

The Prentices fell in love with Hervey Bay after visiting while they were touring Australia in 2003.

"We have been coming here for so long it feels like a second home," Mr Prentice said.

He said the rise in crime had prompted them to take security measures, including buying alarms.

Mr Prentice said they would now "think twice" about coming back.

At the time of publication the Hervey Bay Police could not be reached for comment.

Officer in Charge Brooke Flood previously told the Chronicle crime had not increased in caravan parks in the last six months, apart from one night of break-ins in Pialba.

In response, police patrols were increased.