David Dalgleish.
David Dalgleish. Blake Antrobus

Dalgleish compares by-election to 'presidential one'

WITH a number of Federal, State and Local Government elections under his belt, David Dalgleish said the 2018 mayoral by-election had shaped up to be one of the most interesting yet.

"To me, this is more like a presidential one. There seems to be such interest in it and such a big presence on the street waving signs around,” Mr Dalgleish said.

"I've never seen it like that in 30 years of being on the Fraser Coast. This is a first.”

The mayoral candidate said he was looking forward to spending time with his family when the election was finished.

But before that, he has one last day of "hands-on” campaigning with his supporters in a final bid to return to the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

"After that, it'll be family time, sitting down and relaxing,” Mr Dalgleish said.

"That's what I'm most looking forward to. It's tiring for everybody. My parents are elderly and this is a lot of hard work for them.

"But they wouldn't miss out on being a part of it.”

It's an approach he hasn't done differently compared to previous elections over the past few years.

Mr Dalgleish said his family had been a huge help with putting up signs, handing out brochures and letterbox dropping.

Throughout his campaign, he would endeavour to restore credibility after years of what he called in-house chaos.