JASMINE Schoonderwoerd's desire to dance every single day of her life led her to enrol in a school which would let her do exactly that, even after she graduates.   

She is the first Year 12 student to graduate from the Hervey Bay Performing Arts College, which formed two years ago.   

Now the 18-year-old will turn her passion for dance into a career, with plans on becoming a dance teacher and dance physiotherapist.  

"Dancing has made me happy ever since I was a little girl," Jasmine said.

Jasmine's final years in school has been slightly different to her fellow graduates across the Fraser Coast.   

At the college, an extension of Hervey Bay Dance School, a typical day would begin with the students partaking in classes such as mathematics and English, just as they would at any other school.

Hervey Bay Performing Arts College graduate Jasmine Schoonderwoerd.
Hervey Bay Performing Arts College graduate Jasmine Schoonderwoerd. Contributed

  The major difference is that teachers are online rather than in front of you.  

The second half of the day is then focussed on dancing, with a variety of different instructors on the roster sharing their knowledge including specialised fitness classes.   

"It took a bit of getting used to, but everyone here is very supportive of each other," Jasmine said.   

"There is a really good vibe."  

In conjunction with her out-of-school dance classes, Jasmine danced on average 18 hours a week this past year.   

 And just like every other Year 12 graduate, Jasmine got to celebrate the milestone with a formal, where she wore a beautiful, red-coloured lace gown. Jasmine completed her schooling while studying alongside 10 other dancers at the college.

Hervey Bay Dance School will host its end-of-year concert on December 16.