Korey Glen Lucas
Korey Glen Lucas

Dangerous Charleville driver busted twice in one day

A CHARLEVILLE pub worker has been slapped with a heavy fine after being caught speeding in a faulty ute twice in the same day.

Korey Glen Lucas, 32, faced Charleville Magistrates Court after speeding and skidding on the Isis Highway west of Childers and roaring up somebody’s driveway, then being caught again on the Bruce Highway later the same day.

He faced a number of charges from January 4, 2017 including speeding, driving without a licence, dangerous driving, contravening a direction or requirement, and driving without a licence.

Lucas was also charged with driving without a licence on April 27, 2020, and pleaded guilty to all charges before the court.

The court heard police observed a blue Mitsubishi Triton travelling at 115km/h on the Isis Highway at Dallarnil at 2.30pm on January 4, 2017.

“He continued past the police car at speed and then whilst police vehicle was doing a U-turn, the defendant braked heavily, causing the wheels of his vehicle to lock up and skid, which caused an excessive amount of black smoke,” police prosecutor sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told the court.

“The defendant has then swerved violently to the left, swerving off the road.

“His vehicle continued in a sliding motion over a white road sign marker and into a driveway.”

Lucas drove 150m up the driveway before pulling up behind a truck and a garden hedge.

“If any resident had been walking or driving down the driveway, which wasn’t the case, the defendant would not have been able to stop and a collision would have occurred,” sgt Boodnikoff said.

Police found that Lucas was unlicensed at the time and told the officers he was speeding because he had a gearbox problem.

Lucas also told police that he wanted to get home quickly from New South Wales to Townsville..

When asked if he was trying to evade police, Lucas said he wasn’t trying to.

He was given a notice to appear at Maryborough Magistrates Court after that, but was wound up in another incident at 5pm on the same day.

Korey Glen Lucas
Korey Glen Lucas

Lucas was intercepted speeding in the same blue ute on the Bruce Highway at Takilberan, between Gin Gin and Miriam Vale, and asked to produce his licence again.

“He stated that he didn’t have any document to prove his identity,” sgt Boodnikoff told the court.

“He told police he just purchased the vehicle and it’s not in his name.

“He was asked by police to provide his name; he stated that it was ‘Michael Joseph Lucas’ and gave a date of birth.”

After being warned that he could be taken to the station if he couldn’t prove his identity, Lucas continually told police they were his details.

But a receipt in the car showed the name ‘Korey Lucas’ to police.

Lucas told police he gave the false name because he was unlicensed and recently stopped by police.

“There was no emergency he was attending,” sgt Boodnikoff said.

He was given another NTA for Bundaberg Magistrates Court.

Earlier this year, at 8.25am on April 22, 2020, Charleville Police found Lucas driving a white Mitsubishi Lancer down King Street and busted him at a local address.

But Lucas stated he didn’t know police would pull him over because the lights were not on.

“Further checks revealed he was unlicensed and had the two outstanding warrants,” sgt Boodnikoff said.

“When questioned about his licence, he replied with words to the effect of, ‘yeah, all right, you got me, I know I’m unlicensed.’”

Korey Glen Lucas
Korey Glen Lucas

Solicitor Frank Jongkind told the court that Lucas is employed as a yardsman at Hotel Corones at Charleville.

“He had brain cancer in 2016, which has led to his impaired hearing,” Mr Jongkind said.

“With the offending in 2017, he’d been in New South Wales.

“He’d learnt that his mother was ill, but in fact his mother passed away some six months afterwards, and he then and there purchased a vehicle and set out to see his mother.”

Magistrate Peter Saggers told Lucas the most serious of his offences was the dangerous driving, especially when he drove up the driveway with a faulty vehicle.

“There seems to be no reason why you haven’t gone and got your licence,” Magistrate Saggers said.

Lucas was convicted and fined $1500 for all offences.

For dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, he was disqualified from driving for six months, for driving as a repeat offender, he was disqualified for one month and for the Charleville offence, he was disqualified for three months.