Dangerous driver back before M'boro court on new charges

JUST last year, John Lombardo pleaded guilty to one charge of dangerous operation of a vehicle after he almost ran a police officer off the road.

He was fined $2500 and lost his licence for six months as a result.

Yesterday the 54-year-old Oakhurst man was back in front of Maryborough Magistrates Court after he got behind the wheel just weeks before his disqualification period was up.

Lombardo pleaded guilty to one one charge of driving without a licence disqualified by a court order and unlawful possession of a licence.

The incident last year happened on the Bruce Highway at Glenorchy on August 24 about 2pm near Six Mile Rd.

The semi-trailer driven by Lombardo crossed the double white lines forcing the police officer, who was riding a motorcycle, to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

Magistrate John Smith was not impressed so see Lombardo back before the court.

"You're a bloke who needs a licence as a truck driver," he said.

"You should treat it like it's gold."

Mr Smith said the court had extended leniency by only disqualifying Lombardo for six months after the dangerous driving conviction.

The court heard Lombardo was stopped by police on Cheapside St on March 31 when he was driving to the shops to get milk.

He produced a cancelled licence and when he was questioned at first Lombardo said it was valid.

He then admitted it wasn't, telling police he was using it for identification, telling police he did not know it was an offence to possess a cancelled driver's licence.

The court heard the further loss of his licence would lead to a significant loss of income for Lombardo.

Mr Smith said the minimum disqualification period Lombardo was facing was two years.

"You breached an order made by a court," he said.

Mr Smith imposed the two year disqualification and fined Lombardo $1200.