DAY FOUR: Truscott pulls ahead in Division 2


Phil Truscott has pulled ahead in the race for Division Two of the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Mr Truscott had received 56.74 per cent of the counted votes as of Tuesday afternoon.

Chris Dale had garnered 43.26 per cent.

Around 73 per cent of votes in that division were counted.

Residents voted for new councillors and their mayor on Saturday.

David Lewis is still leading the pack in Division 6.

Mr Lewis had 24.87 per cent  of the vote earlier.

David Dalgleish was in second spot with 22.35 per cent and Gerard O'Connell in third with 21.90 per cent.

Meanwhile, George Seymour was the preferred candidate as mayor. He regained his seat with more than 77 per cent after nearly 70 per cent of ballots were counted.


UPDATE: THE race for Fraser Coast council divisions continues three days after the ballot

David Lewis has edged ahead in Division Six, with almost 25 per cent of the vote.

David Dalgleish holds 22 per cent and Gerard O'Connell is hot on his heels with 21.9 per cent.

In Division Two, Phil Truscott is pulling ahead with 56 per cent of votes, over Chris Dale on 43 per cent.

Paul Truscott and Daniel Sanderson look almost certain to hold Divisions Three and Four respectively.

David Norman has made ground in Division 10, with 29 per cent of the votes, behind Zane O'Keefe who holds 34 per cent.

EARLIER: Vote counting is continuing and the race for two divisions remains wide open. 

In Division 2, Phil Truscott and Chris Dale are still neck and neck.

As of Monday evening, Mr Truscott is marginally ahead with 50.07 per cent of the ballots counted. Mr Dale has 49.93 per cent.

In Division 6, David Lewis, Gerard O'Connell and David Dalgleish are all still in the running.

Mr Dalgleish was ahead with 24.67 per cent of the counted ballots on Monday evening. Mr Lewis and Mr O'Connell were in second and third spot with 22.29 per cent and 18.13 per cent respectively.

EARLIER: THE count has resumed in the Fraser Coast Regional Council election this morning.

Now votes have been cast, all that is left is to tally up the results and wait for the postal votes to flow in.

Many divisions have seen one candidate take the lead but when counting concluded last night there are still two division too close to call. 

Just four votes separated Phil Truscott and Chris Dale in Division 2.

With 30.56 per cent of the vote counted, Mr Truscott had 1165 votes and Mr Dale had 1161 votes.

Division 6 was also close, with less than 20 votes separating incumbent councillor David Lewis, who had 1231 votes, from candidate David Dalgleish, who had 1213 votes.

In Division 6, 60.62 per cent of the vote has been counted.

We will update the story through out the day as the count is updated. 

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